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In today’s digital world many institutes are moving towards online teaching. Having the best class coaching management software has become the need of the time. With our coaching classes app tutors, trainers & coaching classes, etc.. can take their education system online & can manage it with least effort. With features such as scheduling, communication, progress tracking, and financial management, and many more, our coaching class management software can help coaching businesses streamline their operations & improve student engagement.

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Manage Multiple branches under one roof
Online Examination Through Web & App
Payment gateway integration
Enquiry and lead management
Student Management

Coaching management software comes equipped with a powerful student management feature that enables coaching institutes to streamline their student data management and progress tracking. This feature allows institutes to effortlessly create detailed student profiles, manage attendance records, schedule classes, and monitor academic performance through test scores and assessments. The software also facilitates easy communication between institutes, students, and parents through notifications, announcements, and sharing of study materials.

Performance Tracking

Coaching management software comes equipped with a powerful performance tracking feature that enables institutes to closely monitor the academic progress of their students. This feature provides valuable insights into student performance. The software makes it easy for coaching institutes to generate detailed performance reports & analyse this data to identify areas of improvement. This software also allows you to get the overall view of the group performance.

Coaching Class Management Mobile App

SchoolURO also provides a Mobile Application for the Coaching classes/Students to easily manage their classes on mobile. This feature equipes coaches and students with access to class schedules, progress reports, and communication tools on the go, making it easier to stay connected and up-to-date.

All In One Platform

An all-in-one platform for conducting exams is a revolutionary feature of coaching management software. With this feature, institutes can effortlessly schedule, invigilate, & evaluate exams using a single, centralised platform. The software offers a flexible and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both students and instructors to use.

Enquiry Management

The Enquiry Management feature of our best coaching class management software enables institutes to effectively manage and track inquiries from potential students. With this feature, institutes can easily capture and store all incoming inquiries in a centralised database, allowing them to follow up & track each inquiry's progress.

Staff Management

Our Staff Management feature is a powerful tool that enables institutes to manage their Staff data and efficiently assign permission and action rights. This feature allows staff members responsible for monitoring educational quality to closely track and manage Staff performance, ensuring optimal education delivery.

Smart Card & OMR Support

The Smart Card & OMR Support feature of coaching classes app provides institutes with a reliable & efficient tool to manage their exams and attendance. These features enables institutes to use smart cards to record attendance & OMR sheets to automate and streamline the exam-taking process, reducing administrative workload and improving accuracy.


The report feature of coaching management software is a valuable tool that enables institutes to generate insightful reports on various aspects of their operations. This feature provides institutes with detailed & accurate information on student performance, attendance records, exam results, and more.

Security Measure

It is a integral feature that ensures the safety & security of student and institute data. This feature offers robust security measures such as encryption, password protection, and user authentication to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data. Institutes can use this feature to safeguard student information, exam results, and other confidential data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching Class Management is a cutting-edge software application created for educational institutions to effectively manage & deliver educational courses. This comprehensive tool allows instructors to create and deliver customised online learning materials, track student progress, and assess their performance.

A good Coaching Class Management System is one which has a user-friendly interface, easy course creation & management, customizable features, tracking & reporting capabilities, and reliable technical support. It should also be capable of accommodating the changing needs of an educational institution.

SchoolURO is an advanced Coaching Class Management System designed for educational institutions & tuition classes. You can create customised courses, manage student data, conduct online exams, track student progress, and communicate with students and parents through a single platform. With its comprehensive features, SchoolURO can help you streamline your coaching class operations and deliver a seamless learning experience to your students.

Yes, SchoolURO offers brand customization options to educational institutions/coaching classes if required.

We accept options including online payment,debit card,credit card,UPI and offline payment method